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Dalit Kind
Mädchen im Kinderheim
Christliche Disziplin
Glückliches Kind
Mädchen im
Kinderheim in Kalipatnam
Dankbare Patenkinder
Glückliche Gesichter


is a christian organisation founded in 1998 on the coast of Andhra Pradesh. The target group is the poorest of the poor communities, amongst coastal fishermen. It is locally led by Joseph and Geetha Komanapalli. 

The aims are to provide hope and help, as well as practical assistance through:

- Community education and development

- Holistic ministry

- Primary and secondary education

- Vocational schooling

The Situation

The population of this community are often illiterate and they primarily rely on fishing and farming. Many belong to the lowest caste, the Dalits, who are often marginalised and neglected.

70 Church congregations are being cared for by 70 community health educators and 30 Bible women

HLWM has several primary and secondary schools, as well as vocational training for very poor children, adolescents and adults. We also offer training in tailoring, community development, and adult literacy.

Primary healthcare, community health education, gardening, micro-enterprises, tailoring, community development. 

I would like to help...

Once or Regular Giving 


In India, a little money can go a long way!

Donate your time

If you would like to volunteer, please be in contact.

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something". 

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