India - The Land of Contrast

  • India experiences high economic growth and fast-growing economic centers.

  • According to the World Bank, 896 million people worldwide lived below the globally defined poverty line of USD 1.90 (PPP) per capita per day in 2012, of which about 30% lived in India.

  • In 2014, 44% (1975: 36%) of the world's undernourished population lived in India. About a quarter of the population in the sub-Indian continent is malnourished (BMI index <18).

  • Dalits are particularly affected by poverty and malnutrition.

  • The only chance to break out of the poverty spiral and the caste system is education.

  • HLWM-Hope4Dalits offers education and help, so people are able to take care of themselves, and have hope for a better future.

Cate System - Dalits

  • The strictly hierarchical caste system is the basic foundation of the Hindu religion and establishes inequalities.

  • Hinduism teaches that most people are born into one of four main bodies because of their karma. The caste determines the profession, spouse, place of residence, etc.

  • Approximately 20% of the Indian population are not part of the caste system: they are called Dalits and, as they are casteless, are discriminated against and exploited as "untouchable" sub-humans.

  • Poverty, illiteracy, marginalization, exploitation, enslavement, violence and abuse are all part of Dalit's daily life.

  • The discrimination of the Dalits has been constitutionally prohibited since 1948, but even today, especially in rural areas, such as the area of activity of HLWM-Hope4Dalits, it determines people's lives.



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